Performance Quest Wear

Antarès gives you a sport wear collection. Remaining true to our desire to bring comfort and safety to horse-rider pairs, our equipment is the result of long research to achieve the best quality. Riding is an Art.

Driven by performance and the search for excellence, we conduct research with world-recognized equine health professionals and partner with international riders (World Champions and Olympians), in a variety of equestrian disciplines.

Horses are special creatures. They are majestic and strong but can also be quite emotional.

Horses can even pick up and understand human emotions. They are the first non-human mammal known to have the ability to recognize, analyze, respond to and remember human emotions. Horses are social animals and need relationships to be happy, much like humans.
Many riders agree that spending time with horses even seems to have a calming effect on them. These qualities along with a horse and rider’s partnership create a very strong bond with our mount.

“A horse’s health is based on physical, emotional and physiological factors. As riders we have a high responsibility to our horses to ensure they are in the best state they can possibly be in. Antarès helps facilitate that goal with the horse sport wear we offer, allowing the horses to feel and perform to the best of their ability with zero hinderances.”

When you saddle your horse it’s important that the saddle pad doesn’t add any pressure on the withers. Thanks to the anatomical shape of our saddle pads, pressure is completely avoided. The saddle pad matches perfectly with the Antarès ear net for competition. For the one aiming for the ultimate sharp and highly functional outfit, they can also be matched with our ergonomic half pad, jackets and vests in matching navy.

Our Antarès sport wear is perfect for training and competition. The rider is close to the horse’s back with both our saddle pad and our ergonomic half pad. If you want to be the star at a show or in the stable, our sport wear is the perfect choice!

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