How the Quirky, Grouchy Horse Can Surprise

The Unseen Horse.

We expect a lot of the animals we interact with daily. They are generally expected to never have a lousy day, always be polite, improve in their training and not make any sort of unpleasant face.

The same sort of expectations that may also be bestowed on our children and significant others.

Act appropriately at all times.

Oftentimes our horses do a remarkable job of fitting into the boxes we have chosen for them. And living up to the majority of our expectations.

And then a horse might come along that breaks the mold. The one who would rather not, or possibly doesn’t know how to live up to these exceptions we have set forth.

These horses are overall rare.

Most horses give in even if it hurts a bit, even if they’d rather not; They go ahead and try to live up to our, at times, unrealistic expectations.

The ones who don’t leave us stumped. Why isn’t the training working? Why is this one such a bad egg?

What is wrong with this situation?

Maybe this quirky, grouchy horses not actually the exception to the rule but the only one brave enough to raise his concerns.

We ask a lot of our horses but in return, we don’t often stop and listen and see what they may ask of us.

Trust me, they will always have something to say.

The girth is too tight, the saddle too far forward, the rider too handsy, I am uncomfortable, I am unhappy.

What does a grouchy horse tell you?

Well, to most, it would seem a nasty horse. Oftentimes petted less. Handles less. Cast aside.

A grouchy horse to me is an unloved horse. A horse that been lost through the years.

One that has lost his hope or his spark. What he needs is more love, not less.

He yearns to feel understood. Accepted.

Show this horse love that is unconditional. Day after day. No matter if his demeanor changes instantly or not. Give it time. And I have a feeling this quirky, grouchy horse may surprise.

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